Identifying The Type Of Skin Is Essential To Obtain Results

The Fitzpatrick scale that is graphed below is used by doctors to classify different types of human skin. It is said that a person has skin type I, II, III, IV, V or VI, with type VI being the darkest. Depending on your skin type, a different laser will be used to obtain the best results without overreactions.

Type I     Pale white skin. It always burns, never tans.

Type II        White skin. It burns quickly and tans minimally.

Type III       Light brown skin. It burns moderately and tans evenly.

Type IV        Moderate brown skin. It burns minimally and always tans well.

Type V         Dark brown leather. It rarely burns and tans deeply.

Type VI        Deeply pigmented dark brown to black. It never burns.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Also, there are other benefits of a medical nature in cases of recurrent folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles), hidradenitis (inflammation of the sweat glands), and subcutaneous hairs resulting from repeated tearing, cysts or sacral fistulas, which benefit from treatment with laser hair removal.

A separate consideration deserves the hypertrichosis or excess of hair that can present both men and women or the hirsutism that is defined as the appearance of hair in women inaccurately male locations, and that can sometimes be associated with hormonal imbalances such as cases of polycystic ovaries, people undergoing treatment hormonal or corticotherapy, even because of certain types of tumors that produce virilizing hormones.

Thus, by opting for a laser hair removal treatment we are not only permanently removing hair from our body, but we are improving the quality and health of our skin. You will proudly show off your legs!